tiistai 19. helmikuuta 2019

i love you. i hate you

Do you know that I loved you so much. More than I can ever show or say. But now I just would want hate you. I tried forget you but it didn't work. You always come back to my mind. 

My good friend said that I should write letter to you. But do you know what. You don't get it ever. Because I have decided that I never hurt you again.

Sometimes I think that are you went over all. Is this the end when I have to say goodbye. When I must decide a new way. I didn't see future. You saw but I closed your eyes. Now there is not lights. There is only dark and cold.

I want tell to you something. I can always remember stars and that moment when you said you love me. I believe you really loved. I thought that I loved too. But now I ask from myself what is true love. Was it something what we had. 

I really hope that you're fine and happy. Maybe you have found a girlfriend. I should do it right now. Forget you. And go over it. It feel that I can't. Nobody can't make it easier for me. I must do it myself. Think everything. But it hurt sometimes too much. 

I love you. I hate you.

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